BYOB v1 Release

I am happy to announce that today I am releasing version 1 of BYOB: Using Bitcoin to Be Your Own Bank. This release features the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Mining Bitcoin
Chapter 2: Storing, Sending, and Receiving Bitcoin
Chapter 3: Crowdfunding With Bitcoin
Chapter 4: Notarizing Digital Files With Bitcoin
Appendix A: Checklist for long-term bitcoin storage

I am already beginning work on version 2, which will feature an extra chapter on colored coins plus additional appendices featuring instructions for sending cold storage and multisignature transactions.

Instructional videos to accompany this guide will be released throughout the week. Physical copies of the book will be printed and mailed to people who ordered them by the end of this month.

Thank you to everyone who ordered through the BYOB Indiegogo campaign for your patience and support. I look forward to your feedback on the progress so far and the work yet to be done.

Proof of Existence

Document hash:


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