First Edition Draft Published

The First Edition release of Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank is just around the corner. Today, the final revisions were pushed to Github for public review and comment. By the end of the month, the book should be ready for both print and digital distribution. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally done: this First Edition version will contain the most up-to-date information about the many ways you can use bitcoin to be your own bank. I will continue to update the book as needed on a rolling basis, but this First Edition will mark the first major release.

Some changes since the version 1 release:

New title – based on a recommendation by Harlan T. Wood, the title has been changed from BYOB: Using Bitcoin to Be Your Own Bank to the less wordy and more straightforward Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank. Thanks to Harlan for his suggestions and help getting started with Github.

New cover – with the new title comes a new cover, designed once again by Rob Mitchell of Paperclip Robot. This cover reflects the move towards more straightforward branding and minimalist aesthetics.

Two new chapters – chapters featuring information about the blockchain and colored coins have been added to the book. The blockchain is the most important piece of the bitcoin puzzle, and full nodes are needed to help build, store, and distribute it. Learn more about the blockchain in Chapter 1. Colored coins provide a way to represent non-bitcoin assets on the blockchain, assets such as property titles, shares in a company, votes in an organization, identities, and more. Learn more about Colored Coins in Chapter 6.

Updated chapter titles – some chapter titles have been updated to more accurately reflect the content of each chapter.

More pictures – who doesn’t like pictures?

I hope you’re as excited about this release as I am! Head on over to the BYOB Github repo if you want to read the First Edition draft before it’s released in print and digital format; just click one of the chapters in the file list to start reading. I welcome you to share your comments or questions by creating an issue on Github or by sending me a message through my website.


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